1. joe

    The Simpsons crazy cat lady in person.

  2. Beltliner

    When did Madame Trash Heap leave the Gorgs’ Garden?

  3. it had to be said

    “You guys, I have a neck twaddle? You never told me?”

  4. EricLr

    Someone just told him how old he is.

  5. “A brush? What’s that?”

  6. MRF

    Wuh??!!? They put a man on the moon??!!? You’re shitting me.

  7. Buddy the Elf

    “No thanks – I bring my own herbal tea from home.”

  8. catapostrophe

    Paz de la Huerta in West Hollywood.

  9. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    Now i know why Liv Tyler can’t maintain a husband for long.

  10. Deacon Jones

    “Dude looks LIKE A DRAUGR!”

  11. He refuses to eat until they drape his plate with scarves.

  12. pretty vacant

    steven tyler trying to come up with a grade score after watching his rocknroll cred slits its wrists.

  13. The Brown Streak

    This is the look of a guy that just remembered that The Star Spangled Banner doesn’t start with “Oh, Canada”

  14. High times

    He’s fucking high. For people that don’t know what high people look like, this is it. All the time, he’s never not high.

  15. cc

    Whadya mean my rendition of the Star Spangled Banner sucked?

  16. Contusion

    “They’re bringing back Paradise Hotel? Yes!”

  17. Honey

    What? Liv won’t let me shop her closet anymore?

  18. Cookie

    Has Jennifer Garner had her baby yet?

  19. icu

    Looks like he just figured out what separates him from the rest of us: Opposable thumbs!

  20. Lolli-Pop

    Uh, oh. Grampie made a squishy.

  21. Pathetic

    What happened to all the feathers in his hair. He really started a hot trend with them. Every four year old girl that I see has them in their hair.

  22. Swearin

    He just found out that the witch doctor that reanimated him in 1982 is reneging on their deal.

  23. Bigalkie

    Oye, These hot flashes are killing me. I’m going through the change.

  24. Ash

    Janice Dickinson has really let herself go.

  25. yeahright

    Dude Looks Like a… forget it. Never mind.

  26. Warren Piece

    Peanuts! In the dressing… peanu[thump]!

  27. “Excuse me sir. Would you like more teenie bopper bracelets and rings with your soup?”

  28. cutthecrap

    He looks amazing for a cadaver

  29. Reboots DaMachina

    Is that Russel Brand’s dad?

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