1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    If you’re in London and wondering what HDTV in a singles ad means, it’s Hipster Douche Transvestite.

  2. EricLr

    He’s throwing out the one person who showed up.

  3. Contusion

    Adopting the visuals of a rockstar do not make a rockstar.

  4. devilsrain

    I smell an overdose coming

  5. MisterSuccint

    “Get that Kardashian over there … doesn’t matt-er which one … and tell her what I’m ‘olding in my right ‘and!’

  6. “So this is how I stroke it now that Katie has moved on to another bloke.”

  7. Russel Brand and Ringo Star? What the fuck do you suppose they had to talk about? “Well, I was one of the Beatles…who are you again?”

  8. Bonky

    “Why am I here ? That guy, that guy over there said I was special because I married Katy and that I could just show up and it would be ok. He told me I didn’t have to sing or anything.”

  9. The Brown Streak

    Russell Brand ejects the bar stool from the event because it reminded him too much of Katy Perry’s personality.

  10. Flute Solo

    “Listen you bloody yank, I married a rock star. Put me on the bloomin’ stage with drums and guitars, you hear me? I am Russel Brand Star Fucker, look at my scarves. Women love me. Rock Star Russel Brand”

  11. Lolli-Pop

    The longer the scarf, the wider the asshole.

  12. Sin

    So, how much longer until this untalented retard disappears for good?

  13. Goldenbadger

    Americans have no f*ing clue what funny is when it comes in an intellectual form! Come home love muscle Russell!! England wants you back… f the states! m:)

  14. Goldenbadger

    As an actor not comedian may I point out.

    Most comedies that come out of the state… movies, sitcoms, stand ups etc.. tend to be, while watchable in the most part… simple and sometimes childish in humour. It is America that take our popular comedy programs and make their own versions that then rapidly die a death. US and comedy aren’t the biggest love story BUT you do make brilliant action films over there, so all is fair in love, comedy and war I guess. Just my opinion!

  15. Derek

    He’s really starting to look like George Harrison. The dead version.

  16. elissa

    Won’t last much longer without Perry.

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