1. dontkillthemessenger

    Orange Oompa Loompa cleavage does nothing for me.

  2. Krusty The Klown

    Oh for God’s sake.

  3. Nuthin’ like a greased pig at New Years!

  4. Venom

    I guess the new diet did not work so well over the holidays.

  5. hbw

    The Guido Brain Dead Convention? She’ll fit right in.

  6. Fuck you, MTV for foisting this broad on America.

  7. poppymoss

    Just when I thought Tila Tequila couldn’t look skankier….

  8. The Brown Streak

    Nobody was fooled to buy their 9G cell phone service…oh, wait…there was this one woman…

  9. Lordosis claims another victim. Please give generously.

  10. little turtle head

    Damn she looks good! I wanna squirt in her and make a baby!

  11. Problem?

    ugh, no matter how much she changes her looks, she still looks like a disgusting pig

  12. If she keeps bending backward one of her nipples might just be horizontal to the ground.

  13. LadyMoustache

    Finally! A reality star with natural boobs!

  14. tlmck

    North Korea’s version of Barbie.

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