1. It's the kimkim, bitches

    Ew! Barefoot. Sick.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    No need for the Leo DiCaprio hat move. People simply aren’t interested anymore.

  3. Swearin

    So she’s a Yankees fan? Derek Jeter is already buying condoms and signing a baseball

    • Venom

      The best part is that he will be thinking he is giving her herpes, but she will probably give him something much worse.

  4. Arzach

    Cannot wait for the leaked pictures of this two getting busy

  5. shonzie

    we’re about due for another twat shot from her aren’t we?

  6. fattymcgee

    You know, she’s actually not that bad looking. Cute face, slim build, flat tummy, nice legs and… HOLY FUCKIN’ CHRIST!! ZOMBIE FEET!!

  7. I bet her vagina smells like patchouli

  8. The Brown Streak

    It never fails to get the white stuff all over your clothes whenever you’re around an Olsen.

  9. whiskeyafternoon

    she’s the kind of woman that certainly has hairy feet. look at those thighs. Bilbo Baggins shows up in her DNA ancestry report.

  10. The bill of her hat is coated in white chocolate.

  11. Steelerchick

    Hairy navel anyone??

  12. cutthecrap

    Every fucking time I look at this no talent twat, I wonder why she tries so hard to look this goddamn shitty. Get a stylist bitch!

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