1. In what issue did The Joker knock up Poison Ivy?

  2. Venom

    How does this chick make money? She has to be a high priced escort, there is no other explanation.

  3. Chinto

    I foresee a motorboating about to commence

  4. AC

    Based on the size of those pecs, it’s time for Carrot Top to lay off the ‘roids.

  5. Blondie, I don’t know who you are but you may want to Lysol your lap.

  6. 805fatty

    which one is aubrey? jesus, i thought she used to be so cute, now i can’t even recognize her even with someone telling me it’s her. diddy should have kept a better eye on her.

  7. Larry Jones

    Which one of these tramps is the famous one?

  8. Steelerchick

    Stacy Kiebler ditched George for her?????

  9. cc

    The one and only time I used a telephone chatline, the girl I met looked like the redhead on the left. She turned into a stalker. And by that I mean crazy-ass, change your phone number stalker. Lesson learned.

  10. Bigalkie


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