1. Krusty The Klown

    Here we see Tom recreating the look on his face the morning after he married Roseanne…. and had sobered up.

  2. Swearin

    Remember that episode of the Simpsons where they made a rocket ship to save people from the destruction of Earth, then Bart & Homer ended up on the rocket taking the dumb, annoying & useless people into the sun and Tom Arnold was on board?

    I hope that’s happening for real.

  3. Venom

    Tom Arnold is awesome.

  4. Sorry, who?

  5. Tanz

    Is that his Japanese pillow wife?

  6. The Brown Streak

    “If it can work for the Kardashians, it can work for me.”

  7. Colin

    Oh Tom Arnold, with a gut full of resentment and a pillowcase full of cocaine.

  8. KC

    His shirt actually says “Cinnabons of Anarchy”

  9. The Most Interesting

    As a better dog than me put it:
    “To make fun of the likes of Tom Arnold would be, in effect, like pooping on poop.”

  10. tlmck

    Just had a stroke but no one cared.

  11. cc

    Hard up: Stealing a cheesy 2oz airline pillow.

  12. Seen here preparing for his role as Robert Paulson in “Fight Club: The Musical.”

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