1. Krusty The Klown


  2. Venom

    When they can figure out a way to keep women’s mouths shut but they are still able to give blow jobs, women like her will be awesome.

  3. fattymcgee

    As soon as I find out who this is and why their pic has been posted, I’ll be able to make a proper smart Alec remark.

  4. The Brown Streak

    My God, the ocean is made of acid…her face is melting away!

  5. “The sharks won’t eat her ’cause they know they’ll just be hungry again in an hour.”

    -Me, Grade 4.

  6. Sin

    She married into money, now she thinks she is a fucking queen.
    A true Fame Whore. Fuck someone with money, divirce them and take what you can. A truely useless bitch.

    • Trek Girl

      She was a successful and popular model way before she married Russell and she’s had succesful businesses afterwards.

      • Trek Girl

        Nope, I’m just someone that has no problem admitting when someone has become successful on their own, even if they don’t like the person. She was a successful model before she met Russell – that’s a fact, not my opinion.

    • Blech

      Russell Simmons’ ex-whore? Is that you?

  7. She’d make a great underboob model.

  8. The Most Interesting

    “I know, right? I mean, he believed I was born a woman!”

  9. tlmck

    Too bad the bottom half is not as good these days.

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