1. That waiter/bartender looks like he just figured out where it all went wrong.

    • Venom

      That’s her sort of ex bf Matt Kemp the baseball player that just signed a $160 million contract.

      • Well he looks absolutely thrilled to be there, perhaps that’s the look of a man saying “I could have gone ANYWHERE else tonight with way hotter women.”

      • Venom

        Then why isn’t he?
        He flew to Europe to be with her when she was on tour there and he went to this even with her. He makes $20 million a year, he can go where the hell he wants when he wants, clearly he is pretty damn happy being with her.

    • Venom, are you related to either of these people? If not, fuck off and go troll someone else’s comments.

    • butt juice

      Me thinky somebody is taking your comment a little too seriously.

      • Dawmiien – how about you stop talking shit and acting like you know someone. YOU are the fucking troll. Lame ass.

      • FUJOJO: Class is about to begin. This is a website where we make joke comments about random pics presented to us by Fish and Photo Boy. No one here is dumb enough to think this single photo encapsulates the entire evening. Like all photos, it just captures a single moment in time. If you were to go through the entire memory card, I’m sure you’d find pictures of the two of them looking quite happy together. My comments were about the particular moment seen here. If you don’t like people making joke comments about things posted then I suggest you get the hell off the internet altogether because this phenomenon isn’t limited to The Superficial.

        Class dismissed.

  2. This was one classy shin-dig. This waste of oxygen can’t even get a decent evening gown; she has to get the slutty version. Then you have the chick with the full arm tat. And lastly it was a Diddy party.

  3. The Pope

    Well that’s one way to look a little less trashy.

  4. When did Amy Poehler get all tatted up?

  5. Foreground: from Barbados
    Background: just visited Barbados and wants everyone to know.

  6. That blond creature is proof that there is life on other planets.

  7. Venom

    To the young women out there, this is what that stupid sleeve tattoo you just got will look like 20 years from now. Cheers.

  8. TTballs

    Yes sleeve tattoos are art – until they age, then it looks moldy cheese. You say she likes girls? No way…

  9. tbone mcgiggins

    pretty sure that’s her lesbian bodygaurd

  10. ktulu

    Wonky nipples, (shaved) uni-brow, gorilla nose

  11. Dina Lohan in 5 years in the background.

  12. Say what you want, but I’d cover this chick like a glazed donut.

  13. Jodi

    Who is teh woman with the tattoo?

  14. The Brown Streak

    Dear PETA,
    This dress is made out of real leopard skins. FUCK YOU,
    With Love,

  15. *yawn*

    Bring in the new tits for 2012.

  16. this

    I just don’t get this chick’s deal. You’re out at a party for celebs and you’re showing off your nipples. Rhianna is a whore. will always be a whore. Fucking dyke.

  17. SFfan

    Wow I didn’t expect her to be touching her crotch.

  18. Problem?

    It’s okay, Rihanna. You can be classy every once in a while. It won’t kill you.

  19. With her I can never tell if it’s underwear as outerwear, or outerwear without underwear.

    Not that I’m complaining, particularly.

  20. icu

    Britney Spears looks better with cornrows and a full sleeve tat.

  21. mandanglers

    Flava Flav: Oh fuck, I hope she didn’t see me
    Brigette Nielsen: Oh Fuck, is that Flav? Think I can sneak out without him noticing me?


    Why are we freaking out? Rhianna has had nipple rings for awhile now

  23. Porkpie

    Nice milk bags!

  24. LadyMoustache

    I can’t stop looking at the blond. I think she’s a guy. Truly.

  25. tlmck

    And the blonde in the back says “Who is this weird looking bitch?”.

  26. James

    Those are shit tits

  27. noblog

    And in the background, there is a caucasian butch lesbian in the background saying it all with her eyes….

  28. 12345

    who knew britney spears had a full sleeve tattoo?

  29. cutthecrap

    I had no idea Amy Poehler was into sleeve tattoos. Good for her

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