1. Jeremy

    Rita Ora successfully hits the brown note, but at what cost?

  2. Suzi Quatro did Bowie?

  3. pavement_smear

    She’s pushing out her next single.

  4. Gary Grant

    The double G Cleft.

  5. I suppose this woman is the next “hit” to hit coming to a shitty gym music channel near you!

  6. EricLR

    Biggies Stardust

  7. ThisWillHurt

    Why would she take her microphone into the bathroom?

  8. journalschism

    You knew she’d be sucker-punched by Chris Brown eventually.

  9. The new portable Autotune… now in suppository form!

  10. she always looks like utter hell.

  11. KToThaJ

    I assume she is giving birth to the next Kardashian via her anus.

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