1. Juch

    Dew rag up high, frosted hair, jewelry, Beiber concert . . . looks like gay runs in the family.

  2. Jaden, don’t ever go to prison… You’d be passed around more times than a porn mag…

  3. Karma's Bastard Child

    Playing Romeo and Juliet is every actor’s dream. But who plays Romeo?

  4. I love his syrup.

  5. EricLR

    Flashin’ gang signs for all my homies at North Hollywood Prep, YEAAAAHHH!!!

  6. (shaking uncontrollably)


  7. Hank E. Ring

    I’m an inner city thug, no wait, my dad is a multi millionaire.

  8. CK

    In every picture of a spoiled, worthless, self-important twat singing to himself, there’s a shadow with a ball cap on ready to bust a cap.

  9. Bonky

    Hey nigga, who you callin’ “Antoine Dodson” ?

  10. And I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I am a spoiled, talentless kiiiiiiiiid.

  11. SKY BULLIES – ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ThisWillHurt

    “Dat’s my parkin’ spot, muthafuckah! Shee-it, I feel like Jesus up in he-ah!”

  13. cagster

    Meanwhile….downwind of Rita Ora

  14. contusion

    Can a kid be a douche?

  15. Nothing a baseball bat to the back of the head can’t cure.

  16. I hate the whole Will Smith family. Way too much money, and way too much free time on their hands. If they disappeared off the face of the earth, I’m pretty sure hostile aliens would go easy on us, in the up coming invasion.

  17. Hey, I get to use the same joke twice in a row…

    “The new portable Autotune‚Ķ now in suppository form!”

  18. How old is this little fucker? I used to actually respect the parents for having some talent, but goddam how about some parenting? This is jackass stupid.

  19. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Just friggin’ TONS of street cred with this one, eh?

  20. Seriously, no snipers around that day?

  21. “What the fuck, man. You’re JADEN – fucking — SMITH! You’ll make it. It’s only fourteen stories…Go ahead and jump!”

  22. bigalkie

    Much like mental illness and alcoholism.. The asshole gene rarely skips a generation.

  23. At least he didn’t grow up to be a privileged hollywood douchebag rich kid…really dodged the bullet this one did.

  24. Pine Table Fever

    Tupac died for this?

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