1. Her shadow looks like a real dog.

  2. Keep taking those long strides and she’ll have another “accident”…

  3. Karma's Bastard Child

    I knew it was Anne Hathaway from the thumbnail. The weird clothes, awkward body, general aura of creepiness.

  4. she’s “special”

  5. That was one hell of a sale at Goodwill today, wasn’t it?

  6. karlito

    looks like the top end of a giant condom got ripped off and she put it on her head.

  7. catapostrophe

    Thinking to herself, “Aren’t I just delightful?”

  8. “Mario, I’m a betting I can a hit that pale woman with this a here pizza crust ona the head! 1000 Lira”

    “Nota chance, Luigi. 2000 Lira! and youra on.”

  9. EricLR

    Every night, her husband has to tell her that she looks just fine with her new elf haircut and vampire skin.

  10. alex

    Her hat screams, “Don’t LOOK at me!”

    Her ‘dress’ screams, “LOOK at me!”

  11. That outfit can mean only one thing – Anne has a thing for looking at the reflection of her vagina in her shiny boots.

  12. Selina Kyle is Hatwoman!

  13. Very sexy woman.

  14. Cock Dr

    Because pants are for the plebians.

  15. Heywood Jablomie

    Best picture of her face evah.

  16. journalschism


  17. I love her to pieces. She’s hotter than a Brazilian night club!

    (Too soon?)

  18. Are those “mucking” boots?

  19. I gotta be honest, I like her. I don’t have anything mean to say.
    But her hat does look like a condom reservoir tip.

    You didn’t really think I wouldn’t have anything mean to say, did you?

  20. Arzach

    Say what you will but she has very nice legs… I’d hit that

  21. petey

    She used to have a good body. Now she’s a bean pole & combined with the short hair – meh.

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