1. Son of Flubber

    Allow me to wipe James Franco man seed from my chiseled good looks.

  2. “Gotta love those High school girls.”

  3. cc

    If I had a career resurgence like his, I’d look smug too.

  4. Did Johnny Knoxville glue pubes to McConaughey’s face?

  5. Beer for thought


  6. “Yeah well Michael, when I eat too much pussy the pussy gets cancer.”

  7. Polk

    But is he going to bang Woody’s wife?

  8. malaka

    dude, you gotta smell my finger.

  9. titty police

    Is that a school girl over there playing on the swing?

  10. titty police

    …GAME ON!!

  11. This guy skeeves me out. He just has a creeper vibe I can’t stand. Along with Nelly and Doug Hutchison.

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