1. cmonreally

    “I’m so happy for Zac and his new movie. He’s great – he was especially great in High School Musical. Did you know I was in that? I haven’t done much since, but I was in there with Zac, and that other barely relevant hussy with the nude pics and retarded movie full of young girls desperate to be seen as sexual so that they can launch their careers. We all turned out really great.”

  2. richie

    damn nice

  3. cc

    Well, she was smart enough to stop hanging with Biebs, I’ll give her that.

  4. That Awkward Moment…when you start to make a duck face and realize it’s 2014.

  5. That Awkward Moment when Ashley Tisdale realizes her post-HSM career is going as well as Corbin Bleu and whatsherfacetheblackchick

  6. MarketingMike

    Still one of the cutest girls in Hollywood. Definitely would.
    Memo to self lose 100lbs and 25 years, add $100 Million.

  7. Her nose looks less hooky…

  8. Even the brother eating ice cream is like, “damn.”

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