1. cc

    Hopefully, this movie is better than the last few he’s been in. What bombs.

  2. Beer Baron

    “I will find the person who dressed you backwards, Julianne, and I will kill them. PEW-PEW.”

  3. What I just said about Carmen Electra also applies to Julianne Moore.

  4. FruitLoop

    “So I stared right back at her brown eye, you can’t show it any sign of fear. Then I stuck these two fingers right in!”

  5. “So I was just fucking around with Natasha, you know? She was on the ski slope… I sneaked up behind her… you know, just to give her a scare… I put my fingers in her back like this and sad ‘Stick ‘em up!’ Well… I didn’t think she’d fall backwards and whack her head on the snow… I was just fucking around, you know….”

  6. Bonky

    Their “Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy” skit, that they worked on
    for months, fell flat to a confused audience who couldn’t figure
    out which of them was the dummy.

  7. Brit

    You come to this country, take advantage of the system and think because we are tolerant that we are weak and helpless. Your arrogance offends me. And for that Julianne’s and my rate just went up 10%.

  8. “When you shoot your ‘love gun’, isn’t it custom to wink?”
    “I can’t . Botox won’t let me.”

  9. “This is a .44 magnum, the most powerful fingers…err…handgun in the world… Ahhh, shyte, I fooked it up.”

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