1. She’s presenting on a panel entitled “Too much plastic surgery means you have to wear a name tag so folks can recognize you.”

  2. Kate Hudson. This is your future!

  3. cc

    Keynes, Galbraith, Hawn…coming soon to an economics curriculum near you.

  4. She’ll need a better grip than that to snug up that neck skin.

  5. and immediately afterward, she pulled her jowls up even higher.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Obama is regretting choosing her as next Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

  7. …and …and… and when I do this…. my butt lifts up and goes. “PFFFFFT”…. and it’s so funny my husband laughs… I mean the grandkid…oh fuck… whoever that guy is…..”

  8. Vlad

    I have wasps in my brain!

  9. renotastic

    Oldie Hawn.

  10. CtF

    It’s Lindsay LoHawn!

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