1. Don’t worry I hid the umbrella, Batman won’t know what hit him.

  2. “…and if you buy that, I got a bridge I can open for ‘ya…”

  3. The New Jersey State Motto: “My governor can eat your governor.”

  4. Cony B

    Jonah Hill and Leo DeCaprio, 2030.

  5. “Listen, if the public endorsement of my future presidential campaign isn’t in writing by Saturday at midnight, I’ll shut down every tunnel and bridge between the city and stadium. Capiche?”

  6. Ruckus

    “Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Stanley!”

  7. cc

    I’m going to have bariatric surgery then make a comeback.

  8. cc

    ‘So I slipped the guys a c-note each and said ‘Get out your fuckin’ signs and vests and close that lane!’

  9. Bonky

    “I know you’re not on my side, but hey, if your worried about the
    Velveeta shortage, just call my secretary, we got tons of it
    in a secret warehouse. We got Ro-Tel tomatoes too, I can hook you
    up with anything.”

  10. Cock Dr

    OMG he’s huge.

  11. “Sometimes I like to put on a blonde wig and run through the aisles of the local Walmart screaming ‘Someone took my Honey Boo Boo child!’”

  12. s45qu4tch

    Hey Abbott. Who’s on first?

  13. “…and then I said I was sorry. Hahahaha. And the buck stops with me. hahahhaaha. Are you hungry.”

  14. Gov. Christie often discusses his totally destroyed career with his confidants!

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