1. Botox clinic, you said?
    Her home away from home.

  2. cc

    Botox clinic…I know black magic when I see it…those clothes, the stolen baby…

  3. That’s he best she’s ever looked. She should stick with this look.

  4. At a Botox clinic? Looks like it’s working.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Hello, yes, I need to schedule an emergency appointment… this baby is looking almost 3 months old.

  6. Heywood Jablomie

    Baby,… or spare tits?

  7. MarketingMike

    London? I thought Bieber was hiding in Panama!

  8. EenL

    Those tights, combined with her normal skin color gave me the first impression that she had heavily tattooed legs.

  9. ” ♪ ♫ Hell-oooo ♫ ♪…I just dropped by the cheer up some of your sick botoxes…”

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