1. What the hell is this movie about.

  2. CrashHell

    Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

  3. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    I’m just assuming with that haircut it’s a remake of Flowers for Algernon

  4. contusion

    Winter’s Tale: a touching story of a mentally retarded man who liked to hang out in the park wearing strange wigs and yell at passersby.

  5. “Sorry, Colin. You are not the SkarsgĂ„rd.”

  6. Colin: “You want to see it? Com’on yeah you do!”
    This player dealt his last hand a long time ago.

  7. um ok

    (in his shit irish accent) “ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye, EAT DIS!!!”

  8. EricLR

    He’s had to resort to Skargaard’s sloppy 10ths.

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