1. [Insert a whole slew of celebrities] has not fared well….

  2. Joe

    My browser needs an un-see button.

  3. Cock Dr

    She should write a book on how 2 grow old with grace, style and class.

  4. Daver

    There’s something to be said about aging gracefully.

  5. Still more hittable than Lindsay Lohan.

  6. The Pope

    Cindy Lou Who(re)

  7. B&WMinstrel

    Last time in her life someone’s going to look at her and say ‘That bag has a nice looking kitty’

  8. Sheppy

    Who let patient zero out!?

  9. skippy86

    She looks like one of her old billboards was left out in the rain.

  10. cc

    Somewhere the Corvette product manager is going ‘Fuuuuuuck’.

  11. dd

    this made my day

  12. If I had to see it, the rest of you fuckers do too.


    (I’m so sorry)

  13. Malibu Barbie: Behind the blow.

  14. oh relax. she’s a cute old lady,she’s crazy as a shithouse rat, but I’d rather see 20 pictures of her than 1 of any Kardashian.

  15. She hasn’t aged one bit! (Assuming her car is a female)

  16. Moo Cow Hunter

    Fuck you for painting a Corvette pink!

  17. I think I’d like her to blow me…especially if she takes out her dentures.

  18. Maybe the death of the zoom feature wasn’t so bad. Saving me from myself.

  19. Her cooter is almost to her knees.

  20. Shemp

    Just recently I was wondering if Angelyne was still around, and if so, what she thinks about Lindsey/Paris/Kim/Courtney/Tila etc. Wow. This pic is like an experiment at the “Body Farm”, but regarding celebrity and fame. Can you imagine how weird it’s gonna be in 25 years or so when there’s an entire clueless crop of rapidly (and poorly) aging fame-whores out there?

  21. What a goddess. I’d do Angelyne until she needed to change her colostomy bag.

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