1. I would fault them but then again boobs are my kryptonite as well…

  2. Dearest Katy,

    If you’re not showing your tits, we really just don’t care about you.


    The World

  3. Cock Dr

    Just out of the shot: John Mayor texting frantically.

  4. Frank Burns

    Asked later about the photo, the Congressmen said “Who is Katy Perry?”

  5. The Pope

    Spot the gay congressman.

  6. No tits, no interest.

  7. In the spirit of the inaugeration, congressman gangbang!

  8. skippy86

    Two seconds later Bill came in and cock blocked them all.

  9. cc

    What do you do at the inauguration? Pose for a pic that’s kind of like the one a stupid 14 year old would post to Twitter. Yup, that’s what I’d do.

  10. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    Mr. Whipple wants to squeeze that Charmin…

    Excuse me, CONGRESSMAN Whipple wants to squeeze that Charmin.

  11. Frank Burns

    “DNC Poon Tang Clan in da house!
    Here to irritate the red state ingrate
    Taxin’ the riches and hangin’ wit bitches
    Second inauguration, fake birth certification
    Economic wrath, don’t get basic math
    Got no class, fiscal policy is ass
    We keeps it ree-yall, y’all . . . peace out (of money)!

  12. Oh fuck it, this is funny. I like them all better for it & still hate them all.

  13. CK

    Worst. Entourage. Ever.

  14. It is sad when Katy Perry is the smartest looking one in a group of U.S. Congressmen.

  15. She’s now the poor man’s Jenny McCarthy.

  16. “See? I swallowed every last drop!”

  17. Finally! A photo that evokes the REAL Katy.

  18. um ok

    CUNTY PERRY. true story

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