1. farrellthib

    One day.
    More than another.
    The other,
    that day,
    those people,
    too many,
    too personal,
    but not.
    People you know know,
    but you yourself know not.
    Crashing down,
    all frown,
    silently screaming,
    slowly running,
    often feeling nothing.
    Seeing the lucky ones fleeing,
    seeing those trapped inside.
    It’s OK.
    It’s not OK.
    Smile if it’s natural
    Feel alive.
    The president speaks,
    The situation reeks an act of war.
    I enter my room, close the door
    Sit here.
    Here where buildings do not fall to the floor.
    we young will experience much more
    future, liberty, the freedom to mope about in poetry.
    My brother I love you.
    Old friends and family too.
    Safe for now glad to know I’m alive with all of you.
    Feel what is real feel later heal.
    One person feeling the same as all the rest.
    Please let us act and do what is best.

  2. jd


    I still don’t have nude pics of Leelee. Why is this?

  3. cc

    A fashion line inspired by the Communist Bloc?

  4. Used to be so hot, used to have so much potential. Sigh…

  5. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Quite a feat to make that weather look warmer than your own personality.

  6. EricLR

    That’s not the ice cracking that you hear. It’s her legs.

  7. Ms. Sobieski’s appointment to the Ministry of Silly Walks was announced by Lord George Thistle-Finch Shabbyman today, during the annual pageant in Paris.

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