1. Would this fucker just bleed out already?

  2. “And I should care why?”

  3. B&WMinstrel

    “I’ve been greeted on the tarmac by bare breasted natives. I’ve chatted with men who had the head of a fish. So unless … Oh fuck it, go ahead and read your essay.”

  4. Falstaff

    “Industry, you say? No, by Jove, don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.”

  5. cc

    Wot? Did you say there’s a turd blossom behind me?

  6. Radadoon

    Charles always has that ruddy complexion and reddish nose that a full on Scoth connoiseur presents to the world. His eyes are always looking bewildered at his present location and company. Yep, he has turned into Arthur, not of the royal bloodline but of the Dudley Moore type.

  7. “And that ball of hair, is that where you hide your thinker?”

  8. His illegitimate son is gazing lovingly, imagining what being acknowledged in public would be like .

  9. Interesting, so you say you have also seen my sons Willie?

  10. EricLR

    My career advice is simple, really: be born rich.

  11. Wheres my hat ?

    “yes, we keep a token ginger around too for diversity”

  12. EZ-B

    “You’ve discovered an indetectible way to poison one’s mother? Interesting….’

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