1. Juch

    Could you guys move on to some other fetish besides pregnant women? Its tiresome.

  2. Go back to england you useless fuck

  3. B&WMinstrel

    ” Prepare to be kempt ! “

  4. When is that hat over sunglasses look going to die?

  5. cc

    Judging from his appearances, there’s a new retail chain called ‘Fucking Clown’

  6. See everyone misses the boat by focusing on illegal immigration. What about this legal shit. Lets get our eye back on the ball. I would take a thousand Miguels, Singhs, Xiangs, or Nuyens over this garbage. I love and celebrate the diversity in our country, but we have to draw the line here.

  7. Just so we’re clear, this is Russel Brand clean and sober?

  8. leather cuff and a throw blanket now. dickfer.

  9. “Excuse me… Why were you sleeping in my car?”

  10. No one reaches nirvana without the requisite prayer beads, yoga mat, moccasin boots, and Range Rover.

  11. *Sigh* When is the homeless look, bohemian look going to die already?

  12. EricLR

    Heel me, Hipster Jesus!

  13. Does nobody care about the DOG?! What about the dog? I mean, he cannot respectively take care of himself, how the hell is he going to take care of that poor dog he’s holding? Oh god-this is a travesty. We must save that dog. His props have gone too farow that he has brought a living thing on board.

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