1. JimBB

    Well, I guess the lobotomy took.

  2. Garth Brooks comeback? Fuck that. I would like to see a Chris Gaines comeback though.

  3. There’s a man whose had a finger in his asshole… Don’t ask..

  4. ultra

    looks like a jeff dunham puppet.

  5. Is that Miley’s dad? I get confused about shitty country singers.

  6. cmonreally

    The chin fat rolls,
    And the beer gut strikes
    Can’t let his food grow cold
    But his belt’s too tight

  7. Slappy Magoo

    There’s a guy who knows what gay horses eat.

  8. Put a stew-pid curly, sorta long red wig on him,,,who do you see???

  9. j/k

    What, double denim isn’t back yet?

  10. It looks like it’s a REALLY special event.

  11. Vladimir

    Who tagged this Jonah Hill pic, “Garth Brooks”?

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