1. JimBB

    She was warned about using Cameron Diaz-strength tanning solution, but she just wouldn’t listen. WHY DIDN’T SHE LISTEN??

  2. She obviously bought Cameron Diaz’s “Body Book”

  3. anonymous

    Whoever suggested that to her that haircut and tan must have hated her. She looks like she aged 20 years.

  4. cmonreally

    She looks like Crazy Frog in the face.

  5. Wow. That escalated quickly.

  6. I am the GEICO lizard queen!

  7. MarketingMike

    Back off guys! She looks great for 82!
    Ooops, what?
    She’s 42? Oh shit…..

  8. Slappy Magoo

    I’ve seen less strain and grimacing in Russian weightlifters getting assfucked by Putin while being threatened with death if they tell anyone because he’s sooooo straight.

  9. at least 10 of her 45 years have been really rough on her.

  10. I realize we are all just a skeleton with some skin stretched over us and a few internal organs pumping stuff around, but this really drives home the point.

  11. PSD

    PHOTOSHOPPED!!! You can clearly see Jennifer Lawrence’s hair on Kristin’s head which is on Cameron Diaz’s body. Ridiculous what people will go to these days.

  12. Clearly someone has just Photoshopped an awful looking head onto an awful looking body.

  13. Bob

    She’s like Joanna Krupa’s living ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’.

  14. I am the great Cornholio! I need T.P. for my bunghole!

  15. great tits?…

  16. Matt

    i would

  17. coljack

    All hail the long lost lovechild of Joan Rivers! And the father, Magda from There’s Something About Mary.

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