1. Travolta actually flew one of the DC-8 space planes that dropped the atom bombs into the Teegeeack volcano.

  2. Kelly’s still bringing the heat.

  3. Son of Flubber

    He won the “Hair plugs thrive at high altitude” award.

  4. At what point in their marriage do you think he broke out the strap-on and suggested they try something “new”?

  5. JimBB

    “World’s Worst Dad” medal winner once again.

  6. The Wig & The Beard.

  7. Slappy Magoo

    They made on-the-down-low cocksucking an Olympic event? Thanks, Obama!

  8. I was going to ask what the gold medal for for…but then I noticed the stains on his tie.

  9. The jizz catching tie got him the gold medal , crack out the snickers bars and jump in the pool with John.

  10. How does she do it? I give her an Academy Award for best actress.

  11. “That’s right. I’ve won an Olympic medal, and I’m NOT gay.”

  12. j/k

    The award actually went to the bird wig perched atop his head.

  13. I wonder what they look like when they go home at night and take off all of the wigs and make-up. Skeeeeeeeery!

  14. “Hey, is that Ryan Seacrest over there?”

  15. martian leader

    ‘wait a second. that guy’s not a pilot…’

  16. So did he get the medal for best cocksucking or best toupee?

  17. Urbanspaceman

    Yup. Travolta’s right up there with Chuck Yeager and Scott Crossfield. But I ask you, would you ride in an aircraft that had Vinnie Barbarino on the stick?

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