1. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    Where is the “Keep back 200 ft.” sign?

  2. How many rappers can sit on that couch?

  3. Son of Flubber

    Someone must have pulled out the tranquilizer dart too soon. Clever girl. SHOOT HER!!

  4. Little Tongue

    Those heels are doomed.

  5. Wait, that must be photoshopped. That doesn’t look anything like her selfies.

  6. Ralph

    Do you realize that her height is 4.2 X her butt width?

  7. She’s not walking, she’s fracking.

  8. dixonblonde

    That moment when you can no longer tell whether it’s Kim or Sister Chewie from behind without a caption.

  9. that’s a nice big ass…

  10. Jack Ketch


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