1. JimBB

    Shit, someone in the audience is flashing colored lights again.

  2. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    Glazed eyes. Sure sign of Bieber fever.

  3. anonymous

    It’s not lupus. It’s Molly.

  4. Girl, you might be legally retarded.

  5. She’s been dipping into Beiber’s sizzurp again.

  6. Slappy Magoo

    “OMG he throws eggs like a retarded girl, try not to laugh try not to laugh…”

  7. Is that the name of her autobiography?

  8. MarketingMike

    Jeez, sizzurp must give you the munchies.
    her face is starting to look a little pudgy.

  9. Smapdi

    Great shades of Khloe Kardashian!

  10. Echo5

    Thought it was Chloe/khloe/klo… monster puss kardashian

  11. Holy shit after Bieber she’s becoming a Kardashian? STOP IT!!!

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