1. God damn. She’s fucking beautiful.

  2. Son of Flubber

    Two in the pink, one in the stink.

  3. “Joanna! Ms. Glanville has publicly stated she would like to reconcile with you, and establish a bond based on mutual respect of the sisterhood of women! Are you willing to accept her olive branch and mend the fence?”

    “Dis how chicken go. Bok.”

  4. Little Tongue

    The woman with the double trout pout.

  5. coljack

    If dis how chicken look, I’ll take a breast sandwich.

  6. Why is my penis suddenly squawking “destroy! destroy!” like some kind of 1970′s killer robot movie?

  7. “Dis how areolas look.”

  8. Beer Baron

    Nice daytime running lights.

  9. Mohawk Disco

    How dare you only look at my tits in this tight dress and not me. You’re not worthy to lick the sidewalk I just walked on! Don’t you know I am also a person?! So, love me for who I am you arrogant shallow sexist pig!

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