1. JimBB

    Who’s the girl on the right?

  2. Even the dog is laughing at her chin.

  3. Son of Flubber

    “Kiss me, bitch. Ditto! You owe me a coke!”

  4. cmonreally

    Pros: Luxurious hair, nice teeth, great smile, friendly disposition, great hygiene, great sense of style (dark hued accessories are always in), knows to pose with something that makes them look better in comparison

    8/10 – would do (the dog)

  5. The dog’s chin is shorter than hers.

  6. Hopalong

    “What’s that Lassie, my Mom’s career fell down a well.”

  7. “Someone has stinky doggy breath!”…said the dog.

  8. Dogs always go nuts with a mirror.

  9. Swearin

    “Who’s a good dog?! You are! Do you have a kiss for me?” – the dog

  10. ‘Imma eat you, big potato.’

  11. memyselfandi

    “No- I’m Rumor WILLIS. WILLIS.”

  12. she thinks the dog wants an autograph

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