1. “Can you slide a job application to me under my Famous Bowl”

  2. MudButt

    “Don’t smoke too much of this Rihanna, it’ll make you shit your pants!” “Yeah, Right…”

  3. Logic says her suit is wet…and yet my heart tells me Rihanna shit herself.

  4. Where is a shark when you need one?

  5. alexxx3488

    Where does she keep the lighter?

  6. She looks good here.

  7. dick thunder

    Not because it looks like she shat herself, she just looks like would stink to me in any pic. Not to sound racist because I feel the same way about Madonna.

  8. Mellllzy

    How is her doobie not wet?

  9. Wouldn’t this pic be way more fun if there were a giant Great White coming up out of the water and taking off her effing leg?

  10. Is she an expert in anything beyond extreme desperation?

  11. Skeeter

    I’d tongue her anus.

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