1. JimBB

    Everyone who wants to smoke crack with Rob Ford, please raise your hand.

  2. anonymous

    I don’t know what it means but I was told by Seattle to say, “Hey San Francisco…TOUCHDOWN.”

  3. still rolling on x, he thinks he’s buzzing in on Final Jeopardy

  4. ultra

    he’s the only one on the rollercoaster.

  5. ThisWillHurt

    Remember the ashore at school who would finish his test first and do this?

  6. “I would kindly remind the mayor that there is no price for being the first to review the city manager’s budgetary recommendations for the 2014 fiscal year.”

  7. “Touchdown, wait what, we are in London? Fuck, wrong sport”

  8. Swearin

    “Stephen, Helen, c’mon! Don’t leave a brotha hangin’!”

  9. Mohawk Disco

    - Woo-Hoo! aaaAAAAA! Here it comes!!!!
    - For the last time, Boris. This is not a roller coaster!

  10. Mike Walker


  11. J

    ā€œIā€™m this many old.ā€

  12. “Sure, Sure, Sure…
    Unsure – unsure – unsure…”

  13. Manowl

    “I am become Donald Trump!”

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