1. JimBB

    In retrospect, you should have probably just dodged the Kurgen for a few decades more.

  2. Qmak

    “There can be only one Hair Club for Men…”

  3. The Pope

    I’d like to make fun of him, but damned if I don’t dress the exact same. I almost think he’s sick of me mocking him and has deliberately did this to mock me. Well played Lambert.

  4. Slappy Magoo

    The homeless can afford to go to the opera now?

  5. “There can only be one…foot on the floor”

  6. Jesus. With a forehead like that he should be quarterbacking the Broncos.

  7. Judging by the condition of his shoes, I am guessing the Highlander money ran out quite some time ago.

  8. Promotional shot for the 24th season of How I Met Your Mother.

  9. donkeylicks

    I thought that Highlander was about an immortal who lived through the ages. Not a man who was trapped in the latter end of the 90′s but still ages.

  10. That is probably the most comfortable I’ve seen any of the guys sit down upon Chris Hansen’s request.

  11. He’s cool. Nevermind the boots.

  12. dennis

    Wow…he is still rocking shoes from the 80′s.

  13. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Highland sensibility meets low fashion sense.

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