1. This is how most people thinks she really looks.

  2. Son of Flubber

    Without Photoshop, just saying.

  3. What do they unplug? The internal rope keeping those chompers in line?

  4. Let us take a moment to mourn one of our own.
    The “I’d pee in her butt” guy.
    During his long absence, and uncharacteristic silence, it’s safe to assume that he has passed from this earth, probably dead from one of the myriad diseases caused by indiscriminately peeing in butts. May he roam the eternal savana, peeing in the perfect butt.

  5. Well, at least her tongue is in her mouth.

  6. I thought it was Lady Gaga

  7. anonymous

    Miley actually looks smarter and more sophisticated here than she normally does.

  8. Spleen

    I think she means without a butt plug in.

  9. After going through the other pics, it’s less photoshopped than anything Aubrey Day has posted lately.

  10. Dormant Canadian


  11. At least her tongue isn’t hanging out…so she’s got that going for her.

  12. Juch

    I’d be more interested in the unplugged part if she was on life support.

  13. Be Bo Wobbley

    Best she’s looked in years, also the closest to the “real Miley”…

  14. What’s the big deal about this picture? I think we’ve all seen her tits by now.

  15. Hey Are You George Zimmerman?

    Unplugged? Is she going to pull out her tampon on stage or shoot ping pong balls? The later would be ausome to see.

  16. Best she’s ever looked.

  17. Fancy Face

    I wonder how many photo albums they had to go through to find her “Before dental work” photo.

  18. She probably had the same plastic surgeon as Princess Vespa.

  19. The fake teeth only make the udders all the more ironic.

  20. AnnaD.

    Looks like she’s making fun of Lady Gaga

  21. sooooo… this is her if she didn’t have her teeth done a few years back? Google “miley cyrus gums” and you’ll see…

  22. shankyouverymuch

    I think for a very young girl like her to have such saggy baggy gum drops is really just sad. When she matures and grows into womanhood those things are gonna be ankle bound :((

  23. Always say cunt

    Good to see she finally had her teeth fixed.

  24. Odbarc

    She looks like Khloe Cardassian,

  25. Jack Ketch

    Who has saggy, ugly tits at age 20?

  26. anonym

    looks much better with the horse teef

  27. Did she break into Gaga’s closet or something?

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