1. Looks like someone is gunning for Tyrone Biggum’s spot…

  2. Looks like someone is gunning for Macaulay Culkin’s spot…

  3. $20? Good lord, that’s a lotta money! How ’bout I give ya .25 cents and ya wring out the dirty bar rag in my mouth?

  4. Okay, let’s go! Category: Worthless Celebrities. ‘Cheek’? ‘Cheeky’? No, two hands—‘Cheeks’? Yes, ‘Cheeks’ … ‘Butt Cheeks’ … ‘Ass’? Yes! ‘Ass’! Now, sad eyes … ‘crying’? ‘crying cheeks’? ‘Crying ass’? Cold … no … ‘ass that makes you cry’? Warm? Yes? Worthless celebrity with an ass that makes you cry? Kim Kardashian? YES!

  5. cc

    Slathering on the Brut 33 bitches.

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