1. Gary Grant

    Still bangable.

  2. EricLR

    She must have read that Cosmo article: “Baggy Sweats and a T-shirt: They Keys To Turning Men On.”

  3. Of course she’s shooting a scene… she would be working out.

  4. Totally still would.

  5. She plays a whore in this right? I wonder if she assaults all her client co-stars with three rings…

  6. Schmidtler

    I hope the first name on her client list is Jenny Craig.

  7. Toe Jam

    Doesn’t stop me from wanting to put my pee-pee in her lady parts.

  8. oldfool

    Playing with a pocket full of wedding rings.

  9. From the looks of things she’s still retaining a bit of crazy.

  10. cc

    ‘Huh? Page 1 says ‘scene opens with her sitting crying on the bed’ then it says ‘looks at old love notes while running vigorously up and down stairs’?

  11. skinny bitch

    what a sloppy looking cow

  12. “I see you’re not feeling too well, Jen. Let’s go to your place and I’ll rub some Vicks on your chest.”

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