1. Lady whispers: Unmarried slut…

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Oh, gosh. They let one of those pregnant teens in here. Get a reality show, you little trollop!”

  3. Pregnant and still sexier than 99% of women.

  4. Schmidtler

    I think they screwed up the translation of Shakira’s father’s book title – it’s not ‘the wind and random’, it actually translates to ‘pictures of my daughter from my bathroom peep camera’.

  5. tlmck

    She’s gonna piss a lot of women off when she gets her old figure back a week after giving birth.

  6. I’d have loved being the guy who got to knock her up. More fun than a whole book of “E”-Tickets at Disneyland. Better prizes, too!

  7. cc

    ‘My grandaughter wanted me to get your autograph Selena.’

  8. Her hips told me she was on the pill.

  9. “Your man looks like a chimpanzee!”

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