1. joe

    His nose is becoming more and more Durante-ish in every shot.

  2. “Of course, Mr. Joel. I’ll get you anything you want, in my Italian restaurant.”

  3. Anna

    Bill Troel

  4. Bitchy

    Porky Pig?

  5. El Taupe

    The Hypno-Chef is using the Jonathan Banks impersonator as muscle.

  6. Billy: “Smile for the picture Davy. You’d still be swabbing decks if it wasn’t for me.”
    Fulvio: “We take the picture, and then no more wine for you.”
    Paul: “Am…am I in the shot you guys?”

  7. I’ve never seen Wooly Willy in 3D. Very life-like.

  8. When did Billy Joel turn into Homer Simpson?

  9. So it’s visit your illegitimate son at work day?

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