1. Hugh G. Rection

    Don’t worry. I’ll hold them for you.

  2. Even the photo bomber is apathetic.

  3. joe

    The cops found this taped up in Bieber’s bedroom.

  4. anonymous

    Is that Bernadette from TBBT on the left? She’s much hotter with the glasses.

  5. Funny, pretty, talented, great body, great boobs and then there is Kaley.

  6. Mohawk Disco

    Do I feel desperate? Let me check… Yes, yes I do!

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    No complaints from me.

    (Superman, OTOH, might have an issue. His weakness is multiple sets of boobies, right?)

  8. George P. Burdell

    They are rehearsing for porn where the zombies seek boobs not brains.

  9. Garrrh! Only my husband can see them!

  10. “The whole universe was in a dark dense state,

    Then nearly 14 billion years ago, expansion started,


  11. “Robin! The girls said they’re up for it!! C’mon over and help your old dad close ‘em out like we used to!”

  12. Swearin

    “Your move, Kat Dennings!”

  13. All-win

    The Gangbang Theory

  14. Eejut

    2 Broke Faced Girls

  15. The only 4 reasons to watch The Big Bang Theory.

  16. mr anthrope

    What the shit kinda wedding ring is that?

    Just how you’d want your new “wife” to act at a party.

  17. coljack

    Jeopardy Answer: This picture.

    Jeopardy Question: How has every woman I’ve ever dated reacted when I asked them to take their shirt off?

  18. Just another day in Leonardo Dicaprio’s life.

  19. Wait, this is the girl from Big Bang Theory right? Why is everyone down on her? I’m just behind. Would someone mind explaining? Because I would very much like to have sex with Penny from the Big Bang Theory.

  20. Melissa Rauch is hotter than Kaley.

    • Gotta disagree there, DZ. If Cuoco wasn’t clearly a stage 5 clinger she would be pretty ideal. Fit, but not so emaciated she loses her curves. Tommy likey.

  21. “That’s right! Check out these tits! AND…I’M…MARRIED!!!”

  22. Jon

    Bless’em both! They do it for those who can’t, because you know…, laws.

  23. CtF

    Must get back. Ron will be missing his Scabbers.

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