1. meh

    What an ass! But she does have a nice butt.

  2. Ginger Failed

    Aww, there was a time when her ass was the original Kim K’s, only to be eclipsed…

  3. Unlike some other notable asses her’s isn’t stuffed with silly putty, old dryer lint and recycled inter-tubes. Her ass is au naturale, just like her inflated opinion of herself.

  4. cc

    Compared to that sow Kim K she looks svelte.

  5. It’s too bad that body is attached to that personality. Fucking tragedy.

  6. Ah, this makes me nostalgic for the halcyon days of youth, back when the world was new, dreams were possible, and a moderately globular ass amazed and obsessed us.

    But time makes fools of us all. The starry eyed idealism of youth fades under the weight of time and age…and what are we left with but the precious memories we collected like fireflies in a mason jar.

    Ah J-Lo, you once were my bulbous assed muse, and many an hour was spent in the gloaming of the night, wrestling my budding manhood to thoughts of your forbidden and over ripe fruits. But much like my own innocence lost, J-Lo has become a relic of simpler times. Her ass, once a trophy of Lombardi proportions, now barely rates notice aside the freakshow derriere’s of Coco, Nikki Minaj, and their soul stealing whore queen Kim Kardashian.

    Weep not for the lost glory, weep for the future.

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