1. Ice Cuba Gooding Jr.

  2. Again? Really? You’re going to ask me about Boat Trip?

  3. George P. Burdell

    “…and how many Academy Awards have you won, you sanctimonious little shit?”

  4. donkeylicks

    “Look, I said no more Radio questions or impressions!”

  5. He’s talented, sure, but that doesn’t explain why the Russians would be spying on him.

  6. Which filmmaker was he waiting to meet?

  7. Cuba realized at this moment his acting career wasover when he was asked what it was like to act with Will Smith on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

  8. icu

    I could’ve sworn when I saw the thumbnail it was that other douchebag Terence Howard.

  9. fred

    “Is that a hypothetical question, or are you really offering me a job as a chauffeur? Things have been kind of tough lately and I am in a very fragile state. Please don’t fuck with me right now.”

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