1. Please tell me he’s researching a role… please!

  2. cc

    Good Nick Nolte impression, but he’s too thin.

  3. Minky Wail

    The Black Goblin,,,

  4. On his way to meet Pacino for the rush hour panhandle.

  5. Right about now, Gwyneth Paltrow is Tweet slapping him for using plastic bags.

  6. The Brown Streak

    Why do I get the feeling this is how Lindsay Lohan gets her community service done?

  7. Skezix

    Counting the cold New York hours until he can take this adventure:

  8. This is what Harrison Ford has to look forward to.

  9. tlmck

    The Riding Lawnmower Man.

  10. dontlooknow

    Nice shoes, Willem.

  11. stevebeagle

    Dennis Leary has gotten older

  12. EB

    This site is called the superficial so why am I looking at a pictures of men with clothes on? Somewhere in the universe Joe Mangello is topless. Go find him. Show me that. Not this. This scares me.

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