1. Cock Dr

    The pooch is cute; Ms Carey is beginning to look like a linebacker.

  2. Animal

    The tousled hair. The boobs. I like Mariah just fine here. And yeah, the pooch is cute.

  3. Gin&Tonic

    at least she’s doing the humane thing of strangling the dog first and not just eating it alive

  4. 2 for 1 crotch shots

  5. “Nick, is this what you meant by doggy?”

  6. The dog is sniffing out the best piece of man ass for Nick tonight.

  7. She has a white crotch. She must get that from her mother’s side of the family.

  8. lily


  9. Inner Retard

    Down Nick! I mean… what’s the dog’s name?!

  10. No longer able to afford her gym membership, Ms. Carey now lifts a small dogs front feet off of the ground ten times a day. Obviously, this exercise method has proved ineffective for anybody except the dog.

  11. cc

    The dog is waxing nostalgic over a long forgotten stool…Mariah’s.

  12. Wheres my hat ?

    Wow…so now in every Mariah shot is a dog which is saying it all with its eyes -> if that isn’t a wtf look, what is…

  13. Nice pristine white crotch shot…and you can see up Mariah’s skirt too.

  14. Park

    Nice bitch, dog!

  15. Swearin

    When Mariah joins American Idol as a judge next season, the man who never stops saying “dawg” will be replaced by an actual dog

  16. Skeeter

    I’d still do Mariah in the butt.

  17. Bigalkie

    Delusional.. Everyone hates you Mariah. nick Cannon is sprinkling your Jenny Croaig replacement meals with poison.

  18. Her tits look fucking spectacular. That’s pretty much it!

  19. Buddy The Elf

    Cant she just go away and STAY away?

    I dont get the attraction to the ‘lookatme” starved-for-attention diva who needs to be told every 2 minutes how fabulous she is, when she hasnt been for a decade.

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