1. “Uhmmmm you’re gonna sit me on top of the deep fryer you’re returning to Walmart?”

  2. Gin&Tonic

    I just wanna walk by and spank her. toning up nicely, hil!

  3. She’s getting back in shape pretty quickly. Nice ass.

  4. lily

    looking better but has a ways to go

  5. He lives on the second floor…

  6. Look, I’m really stuffed. Please take this baby. I can’t eat another bite.

  7. @ShitJRoganSays

    Jessica Simpson has a cute kid.

  8. Josie

    Don’t drop the baby!

  9. One_HUGE_Biotch

    Hilwhalery and Jeshippa are experiencing karma from the fatties they made fun of back when they were hot.

    • “If you are able to insult someone only by making fun of their name, then you obviously lack enough intelligence and imagination to insult them in any meaningful way.”
      — Anonymous

  10. Vlad

    His name is Luca. I dropped him from the second floor.

  11. I think she looks great. “Hey, Hil…wait here a minute while I go get my eatin’ irons.”

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