1. Holy shit, I’ve never seen the actual Hulk transition in slow motion!

  2. sexyman48

    Head fat is the hardest to lose.

  3. Billebuoy

    She should borrow Grieco’s hat since they’re serving at the same party.

  4. Her pants are falling apart like her career…Oh wait.

  5. kimmykimkim

    Hooooly face.

  6. She’s still around? She’s cute.

  7. lily

    not cute. tacky.

  8. Frunken

    Once I noticed the plugs in the wall they were all I could think about. Are they always in these pictures, but hidden, like Waldo? Do they use specific walls for D-lister photos? Did the photographer notice them and just decide it wasn’t worth edging her over a foot? Do I have ADHD? I don’t know, but it must suck being outshined by wall sockets.

  9. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Seen later being shoved into Grieco’s trunk.

  10. Matt

    The 102.7 FM/ KIIS FM 2012 VMA Pre Party? Seriously?

  11. Matt

    Wait. I thought Kat DeLuna was black. And not just black, Dominican black. Did they lighten her?

  12. “Somebody keep an eye on that woman. I think she’s getting ready to thieve some electricity!”

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