1. Cock Dr

    What an interesting juxtaposition.

  2. kimmykimkim

    Eat that banana, bitch! Swallow it!

  3. Birds and the bees my ass! I have been going about it all wrong!!

  4. Animal

    That’s priceless!!!

  5. Mrs. Tom Cruise IV

    that’s one way to keep her quiet.

  6. skunk

    best pic ever

  7. USDA Prime McBeef

    shrill voice, annoying accent, and inevitable down’s syndrome offspring be damned, i would impregnate the fuck out of that woman.

  8. Emma Watson's Vagina

    se finally found something useful for her mouth

  9. cagster

    Well that pic came about 4 months too late.

  10. Pictured here, auditioning for the untitled Lohan Biopic Project, is Latina actress Sofia Vergara.

  11. Judging from the belly, she enjoys a healthy intake of protein.

  12. Frank Burns

    Practice makes perfect.

  13. alex

    If there was ever a photo begging for photoshop, this is it.

    Also, “too much teeth baby”

  14. Inner Retard

    I know what everyone’s thinking… she was hungry.

  15. nick

    ooooeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrr……..I think I just came….

  16. meeps!

    yes please.

  17. me

    public service announcement: eating the whole banana will get you instantly pregnant

  18. cc

    Gotta love how adept she is…reading notes, putting on her coat, and working the banana concurrently. Lucky husband.

  19. Not shown…The four previous babanas she slid in there without chewing or swallowing.

  20. The Royal Penis

    I thought this scene called for another in the stink and one in the pink. If she can’t start doing it right she’s gonna be replaced.

  21. Mickey01232000

    Had she done more of this her belly wouldn’t be growing.

  22. Anything to not hear that voice.

  23. Sofia, that guy from Brazzers called, said you got the job.

  24. anonym

    PERFECT photoshopping picture

  25. Blech

    Oh, COME ON.

  26. Blech

    You all know what this means, right?

    I like her. It’s fine when she does it (I wouldn’t do anything near this because I’d wind up punching someone in the face). But… you all know this is going to “evolve” into a stupid trend involving… less desirable, more annoying women, right?

  27. Josie

    lol this pic is so wrong but funny

  28. Batman

    I’ve been trying to think of something funny to say but I just…keep…staring.

  29. Bigalkie

    Did shE hire her publicist right out of grade eight?

  30. Matt

    Saved me a trip to Redtube. And less shame.

  31. KC

    She better eat up. That kid will breast feed for 27 years if it’s a boy.

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