1. Kinda of vapid but cute

  2. Smapdi

    Nice transition into adulthood from her skanky celebutante days.

  3. See girls? See what thousands of dollars in rehab, clothes, and personal trainers can get you?
    Now go out there and reach for the stars….

  4. You’re gonna end it with this bitch??

  5. I’m sorry, why are you famous again?

  6. lily

    a little downsy looking but she has beautiful skin

  7. A true success story. The only survivor from the Paris Hilton shitstorm a few years back.

  8. Joe

    Motherhood has served her body well.

  9. Paula Abdul has a pretty good rack

  10. jasper

    Behold! The last survivor of the Gelflings stand before us.

  11. Yatz

    Bad Photo Boy! Bad, BAD Photo Boy!!!

  12. Put It In

    Not this useless, talentless tool again?

  13. Pat C.

    These are probably the first pictures where she actually looked attractive. Good for her for not going to the Hollywwod “Ugly Parlors”.

  14. Martina

    her permanent vacation tour continues

  15. kumquat

    God there she is with her freakishly tiny underdeveloped ears again. I never thought I’d recommend someone get an ear augmentation, but for her, I insist.

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