1. USDA Prime McBeef

    this is what macauley culkin would look like today if michael jackson didn’t touch him.

    • Cock Dr

      He would be a haggard drunken blonde trannie with a gnarled and leathery torso?

    • Billebuoy

      Why on earth would somebody give you a thumbs down for speaking the truth?

      • Because Michael didn’t touch those children! He was acquitted—they found him innocent! He was a beautiful person! He wrote ThrillerTHRILLER!

      • Emma Watson's Vagina

        a lot of people on here can not handle the truth

      • EricLr

        Because we all know Corey Haim was asking for it.

      • Poor Michael Jackson. I was going to vote for him, too. I figure anyone who can write a smash hit like “THRILLER,” hit over 500 home runs, fly around the country sticking up for downtrodden African Americans, and still have the time for run for president has definitely got my vote!

  2. Those 2 scamps… Always causing trouble… It looks like they’re gonna play a round of guess the body part…

  3. Bonky

    At the end of the long night, Tara is whisked away by the Alcohol Fairies, back to the safety of her tiny room where she sleeps the sleep of the dead, as the magical elixers she has consumed dance through her veins until morning.

  4. Animal

    I didn’t realize I’d dozed, but I’m experiencing a Kubrickian nightmare right now.

  5. Which one do you guys like better? The blue shoe one or the red shoe one? I’m going to collect them all!

  6. rawfodog

    The one on the right knows he’s gettng sloppy seconds.

  7. In a perfect world, the next shot would be of douchey mc blue shoes taking that claw he’s forming with his right hand, and fish-hooking Tara in her creepy tiny baby mouth.

  8. I dont even know where to begin on this one

  9. EricLr

    Help grandma to the car, boys.

  10. Thomas the Equine Boy Wonder

    Imagine where those two fingers have been.

  11. Gin&Tonic

    they’re just two nice young british lads doing their civic duty of escorting the old drunk lady out of the nice hotel and onto the pre-softened concrete before she vomits up a mix of wild turkey and cigarettes from the ashtray she spilled the wild turkey into

    • This really does make me kind of sad. Tara Reid was so pretty, had her whole life ahead of her, was getting to a point where she could write her own ticket…if I’d known it only took a few drinks to get into her pantaloons I’d have invested in Seagram’s!

  12. sprub

    Tara so blitzed, she needs two guys? gays? automatons? to keep her up

  13. Looks like the makings of a classic rotisserie bang.

  14. me

    double vision is so natural to her, i bet she thiks there is only one of them

  15. Tara, you were halfway there…You were drunk enough to have sex with the two gayest men on the planet, you just forgot to get them drunk enough to have sex with you.

  16. Mike701

    It’s is Switch day in London when they get to pretend they aren’t gay and she gets to pretend to be sober.

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    The last thing the manager said to Jedward:

    “Get out and take your trash with you!”

  18. Wheres my hat ?

    Wow…I guess she really hadn’t hit rock bottom before afterall.

  19. Minky Wail

    Which came first, Jedward or those creepy Euro-twins from Superjail?

  20. cc

    Okay, here’s something to turn your stomach…imagine those two bringing her home and turning her into a spitroast.

  21. I’m sorry Jedwad #1, those two fingers will never be the same.

  22. bolbol

    Is this a gay reboot of Weekend at Bernie’s?


    That is all.

  24. Matt

    Weird. I am so hard right now.

  25. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Two Robert Pattinsons for the price of none.

  26. These two paddies probably don’t know shit about American wrestling, but I’ll bet they’re going to figure out how to tag team tonight.

  27. Blue Shoes is planning on carrying her around like a bowling ball.

  28. Tidbit

    She’s so trashed, I’M seeing double.

  29. Martina

    Is it just me, but doesn’t Tara look like the healthy one here?

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