1. Echo5

    I spy with my little eye, Chris Brown up on the counter

  2. After looking everywhere else, eventually you need to check and see if the smell is you.

  3. cc

    Note the ‘pity dollar’ in that strippers stocking.

  4. Nothing like smell of wild onions stinking from the armpits.

  5. Pippi Longcockings

    Is there anyway to unmasturbate to “Species”?

  6. I can’t ever see or hear her name without thinking of this :

  7. tlmck

    Is “smell my pits” anything like “pull my finger”?

  8. Wow… she just… ummmm… hmmmmm… Someone should really show this pic to Kate Upton.

  9. I recommend a change of deodorant.

  10. ‘Phew, is that my armpit, or did somebody leave a nasty stripper ass near my table?’

  11. You should really separate the stuff in the hamper before you just put it all on.

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