1. bob

    She’s gonna get fat real soon if she doesn’t watch herself

  2. 15 years down the road is not going to look like Christie Brinkley.

  3. I’m not sure what that zipper does, but I’m willing to put time into the investigation.

  4. Cock Dr

    I think she drank a lot of beer over the holiday weekend.
    Corn dogs may also have played a role in her Labor Day celebrations.

  5. blerg

    Sweet, another 20lbs. and she’ll be in my league…

  6. crb


  7. heey

    In five years she will be playing lead in ”The life and death of Lindsay Lohan, a Hollywood Child Actress Slip Though the Cracks, A Hard Look At the Justice System, What Could Have Saved Lindsay, If Anything.”

  8. Moo! That happened faster than I thought it would.

  9. cc

    Her career may be somewhat abbreviated.

  10. She really wants to start early on those insulin shots.

  11. She’s always had an “odd” body. not saying it’s a bad body. but it’s proportioned funny. and there’s a little jiggle to her… it’s nice.

  12. I think it’s time she consider a bra.

  13. She always has a positively derpy expression on her face. I’d make a crack about guys doing her from behind, but I think that would lose the two big reasons she’s so beloved in the first place.

  14. She’s beautiful.

  15. richie

    Great – some more career advice from geniuses and/or perfect physical specimens.

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